Donna Moore Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Private practice conveniently located in Ormskirk covering Southport, Formby, Maghull, Skelmersdale, Wigan and Liverpool.
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Performance Hypnotherapy SouthportDo you ever find yourself experiencing feelings of frustration or anxiety as you fail to deliver at that crucial moment? Perhaps your nerves get the better of you during that critical meeting or presentation. Maybe it’s during that important exam, competition or audition – ultimately you find yourself failing to deliver to your full potential. Because hypnotherapy involves relaxation and a laser-like beam of attention, it trains your brain to quickly and easily get into the state where you can perform at your best. I will combine hypnotherapy with various other therapies to help you quickly learn techniques that will enable you to focus like you’ve never focussed before, become calmer, more positive, more confident and altogether better prepared to perform when you choose to. Your memory will improve allowing you to store information faster and then effectively recall whatever is stored in your subconscious mind – your self belief and confidence will soar as you start to perform like never before!

If you would like further information and a free friendly and confidential mini consultation with no obligation, please call me on 07765 258527. If I am with a client, please leave a message and I will be happy to return your call as soon as I can.