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Insomnia Hypnotherapy SouthportSleep is essential to our health and well being and we often take it for granted until it eludes us. Insomnia is very common and sleep deprivation can cause significant distress in all areas of your life impairing your ability to react effectively and productively in every day situations, often resulting in increased anxiety and even depression. Do you find yourself unable to relax at night, your mind racing from one thought to another? How often does it occur? Have you turned to medication for relief? Maybe you have given up all together and forced yourself to accept these sleepless nights as just a fact of life. The reality is that it really doesn’t have to be this way - You can enjoy a natural, blissful night’s sleep. During your treatment, we will investigate together the possible reasons for your insomnia and using a combination of Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP, I can help you to switch off those thoughts or feelings which may be constantly whirling around your mind as you watch the clock tick by, and help you to tune back in to your internal mechanisms which allow you to sleep naturally and peacefully.

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