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Phobias Hypnotherapy SouthportA phobia is an irrational fear. A fear and avoidance of objects or situations. Exposure to this object or situation may cause a person to react in many different ways, from mild discomfort to a full blown panic attack. This fear is strong enough to interfere with a person's normal routines, work, or relationships, and even though they recognize their irrationalities, they are helpless to overcome the fear and it can cause major distress.

Have you ever experienced a fear that is so extreme that you will go to any length to avoid triggering that fear? Many people suffer unnecessary discomfort, often without any understanding of why they have the fear.

These fears could involve spiders, flying, heights, public speaking or presentations, social situations such as parties - the list of phobias is endless..….. However, as phobias are a programmed response in the mind, they can be eradicated quickly and permanently using a combination of therapies such as Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT. The fear is gently removed (no aversion tactics!), allowing you to live a life free from these limitations.

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