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Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnotherapy SouthportPlease feel free to ring or email me with any questions. However, you may find the answer to some of your own queries below…

What does Hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is a ‘state of relaxation’, similar to the feeling just before you fall asleep at night. Some people expect a state of complete oblivion, like being anaesthetised and are then surprised when they simply feel nicely relaxed, hearing the music, the therapists words, able to move and hear noises in or outside the room. You are NOT unconscious or asleep. You will simply feel relaxed.

Will I lose control?

Not at all. If there was an emergency you would immediately respond in a normal way – opening your eyes, standing and being fully alert. You always remain fully in control of your thoughts and actions.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnotherapy OrmskirkYes, clinical hypnosis is completely safe. You are awake and aware of everything that is happening. Most clients really enjoy the sessions and feel fully alert, able to drive and get on with their day as planned – feeling positive and refreshed! The therapeutic use of Hypnosis is nothing like stage hypnosis, which is purely for entertainment.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

The simple answer is ‘Yes’ if you want to be, and most people want to be even it they are a little nervous to begin with. There is no right or wrong way to go into hypnosis and with practise, it just gets easier and easier.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a state of mental – and often physical – relaxation during which time the subconscious mind, accesses stored data, absorbs suggestions and information and visualises new alternative behaviours which bring about new therapeutic changes and positive thought patterns. By communicating with your subconscious mind – where all emotions, habits and responses are stored – change can take place very quickly, unlike traditional counselling which can often take months or years to resolve issues. Have you ever forgotten a name or number and then ‘consciously’ tried to remember it? The more you try (using will power) the more it evades you. But when you forget about it (or mentally relax from thinking about it) it suddenly pops into your mind! So basically, when your mind is relaxed the more open and receptive it is. Which is why, in hypnosis, powerful changes can be made. I often use other therapeutic techniques in conjunction with hypnosis to help your subconscious mind resolve issues and make behavioural changes. It is a safe and natural way of making the changes you desire and is equally as effective in both men and women.

What is Psychotherapy?

The term “psychotherapy” covers various different therapies. Focusing on solutions, it investigates the root cause of thoughts, feelings and behaviour leading to awareness and understanding. Once the causes are identified, psychotherapy helps the individual to come to terms with past events and to develop coping strategies and techniques to move forward and initiate positive change.

Where will my treatment take place?

I see clients in my private clinic in Ormskirk. It is conveniently located and clients often say it has a professional and relaxed feel and creates a pleasant and safe environment for treatment to take place. All sessions are completely private and confidential. There is sufficient parking outside the premises.

What if my problem isn’t on your treatment page? Can hypnotherapy and psychotherapy still help?

Yes, of course. It is impossible to list every issue, problem or concern that people have, so do feel free to ring me for a confidential chat.

Do you offer a free initial consultation?

I am more than happy to conduct a mini consultation on the telephone and for most people this is sufficient in setting their minds at rest and obtaining answers to queries. However, the initial appointment includes both a full consultation and a therapy session as I like to get clients progressing as quickly as possible and of course clients want to feel that they are already making progress after the first session. A telephone chat is usually sufficient before you book your initial appointment.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on the client’s individual circumstances, their problem and the treatment plan. Unfortunately there is no magic wand and even if a client experiences significant changes after one session, I do like to see them again to ensure that everything has been resolved. Generally clients need between 3 and 6 sessions – sometimes less, sometimes more. I often compare treatment to a course of antibiotics: stop the treatment too early and the problem quickly returns.

How often will I need sessions?

Preferably the first 2/3 sessions should be a week apart and then ideally once a fortnight. Sometimes work or family commitments, or perhaps finances, mean that this isn’t possible. However, regular appointments ensure that progress is consistent.

Will I be given CD’s or do I have to pay for these?

I have recording facilities on the premises, which allows me to record your individual session if I feel that this will be useful. You will be given this to listen to between sessions to reinforce the work we have done. I may also give you a pre-recorded CD which will have additional benefit. All self-hypnosis scripts and EFT information are free.

What payment methods do you accept?

You may pay at the end of each session by cash or cheque. See the fees page for further details.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, gift vouchers are available for individual treatments or packages. These are very popular and can often help someone you care about make that first step towards positive change.

I want to buy my husband a gift voucher for Smoking Cessation, can I do this?

You can but do speak to me about it first. It is important that THEY want to stop smoking and have perhaps already made some enquiries and steps towards doing this themselves. No matter how much you may want them to stop they will only stop when they are ready and pressure from others can often create more resistance. Do call me for further advice.

I have tried hypnosis to stop smoking in the past but it didn’t work. Will this be any different?

Yes, just because it hasn’t been effective previously doesn’t mean you can’t be successful now. Your present circumstances, state of mind and your desire to stop can influence your success. However, I see many people in this situation who stop completely after one or two sessions. Your session will be uniquely tailored to your personal circumstances giving the very best chance of quitting. Please see the Stop Smoking page for further details.

Other methods to stop smoking have failed. Will hypnosis be more effective?

Yes, research shows that hypnotherapy is the most effective way to sop smoking as it deals with the ‘habit’ and not just the nicotine, as in patches and inhalers. As all habits and behaviours are stored in the subconscious – and hypnosis accesses the subconscious – then you have a much higher chance of stopping. See the stop smoking page for more information on how hypnotherapy and other therapies can help you.

Do you offer any guarantees or backup treatment for smokers?

Yes, in the unlikely event that you begin to smoke do ring me as soon as possible. I see clients for a free of charge one hour session up to 3 months after the initial appointment.

Some therapists give ‘life time’ guarantees. Why don’t you?

Paying for your smoking treatment is part of the commitment you make to yourself when you stop smoking. Most people feel even more determined to stop because they are paying for the treatment. If you knew that you could come back at any point, whenever you wanted to, how determined do you think you would be in your commitment to stop? More or less? Perhaps you would allow yourself to just have 1 or 2 on a night out or the odd few packets on holiday knowing of course that you could have a ‘top up’ of hypnosis when you got back. Would you still be a ‘non-smoker’ or a smoker with a get-out clause for starting smoking again? Under these circumstances, you would soon find the hypnosis becoming ineffective and therefore you will have wasted a very valuable tool to help you quit permanently.

What is your success rate?

As a member of The National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, I am unable to quote success rates. However, a large percentage of my clients are referrals from previous clients.

I can’t see any testimonials on the website?

I am a member of The National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists. It is against their code of ethics to publish testimonials on websites or in marketing tools. Testimonials can often be fabricated